Drought in Thailand

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In the past decade, Thailand has faced severe drought events in the past decade which affected in particular the agricultural sector. In 2005, 11 million people in 71 provinces were affected by water shortages. In 2008, the population suffers from severe drought again, with over ten million people in the rural agricultural region being affected.

In 2016, Thailand is experiencing again a severe drought event impacting large areas of the country, in particularly, agriculture sector. The Thai government have launched various water saving approaches to affirm water reservoirs can maintain the country until the end of dry season. The drought intimidates the livelihoods of a significant portion of Thais. Farmers have faced restrictions on crop irrigation. They have to limit water use, plant alternatives and less water intensive crops (Luedi, 2016).


Drought in Thailand
Drought in Thailand, Picture source: pixabay.com




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