Reduce overall meat consumption

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Less meat consumption is healthy for everyone / Modified by ERM-Siam Co., Ltd.
Less meat consumption is healthy for everyone / Modified by ERM-Siam Co., Ltd.


1. It’s Good for the Environment

Standard industrial farms have a big impact on the environment. manure produced by animals is in such abundance as to cause pollution. Feed arrives from intensive crops that use pesticides and environmentally damaging fertilizers, and they are often located thousands of kilometers away. Industrial farms pollute water, land and air and significantly contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases, climate change and deforestation to make way for pasture and monocultures used for feed.

2. It’s Good for our Health

Too many animal fats and proteins are consumed in developed countries, to the point that it is causing illness. Excessive consumption of meat is associated with cardiac disease and certain forms of cancer. Diets particularly rich in saturated fats are linked with the onset of Type 2 diabetes and high blood cholesterol levels.

3. It’s Good for Animals

In the past decade the Lisbon Treaty, ratified by the countries of the European Union, officially recognized animals as sentient beings, granting them certain rights and protections and putting animal welfare on the same level as other ethical principles, such as gender equality, the protection of human health and social welfare…However, animals are still paying a high price in the current system.

4. It’s Good for Us All!

According to the FAO, in 2010 food prices hit one of the highest ever levels since the nineties. It is a well-established fact that the increase in meat consumption is one of the main reasons for the recent food crisis. The growth in the demand for agricultural goods is not only due to demographic increase, but also to the use of these resources for ends other than feeding humans (animal feed and bio fuels), the devaluation of the dollar, the increase in fuel prices and financial speculation.



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