Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is a way of managing and restraining the growth in energy consumption. Something is more energy efficient if it delivers more services for the same energy input, or the same services for less energy input. For example, when a compact florescent light (CFL) bulb uses less energy (one-third to one-fifth) than an incandescent bulb to produce the same amount of light, the CFL is considered to be more energy efficient (IEA).

Energy Efficiency in homes

Ways to save energy at home

  • Lower your AC
  • Let a draft flow
  • Consider new light bulbs
  • Block the sun
  • Use your green thumb
  • Use energy saving ceiling fans
  • Consider portable fans
  • Choosing the right AC
  • Install, refresh or increase the insulation in your home
  • Add dimmers into your life
  • Check to make sure your ducts are properly sealed
  • Consider Thai EGAT Certification Label No.5

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