The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP)

Language : ไทย logo-deqp01The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion thus upholds functions and duties on building-up of sustainability on natural resources and environment through the development of civics in Thai society with implanting of awareness and readiness for taking care, maintaining, rehabilitating and exploiting of surroundings and natural resources with maximum benefits and further sustainability.

The Department of Environmental Quality Promotion shall use this opportunity to empower and strengthen people to have more awareness and translate them into actions corresponding to individual areawith support of volunteers for protecting and preserving natural resources and environment whom residing in communities countrywide. The role of the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion is gradually changed from the implementer by itself to be the promoter collaborating the partnership engagement with all sectors, both in local and national contexts covering all other non-state actors, e.g. private business sector, particularly those concerning with environmental-friendly production and consumption, with additional duties as follows:

  • To promote, distribute and make public relations on environment;
  • To compile, produce and provide information servicesand data file on environment through various technologies with capacities of the Center of Information and Data File on Environment;
  • To promote people’s participation on the conservation, maintenance and exploitation upon natural resources and biodiversity with checking and balancing and to act as the Center for Prevention and Mediation on Environmental Dispute;
  • To coordinate and give advice to a plan and measure for promoting, distributing and making public relations, conserving for natural resources and environment;
  • To study, research, develop, deliver and promote technologies and management on environment in capacities of the Center of Clean Technologies and Operational Center on Environmental Reference;
  • To take any other actions upon the legal authorities of the Department or upon the entrustment given by the Minister or Council of Ministers.



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