Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC)

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To provide agriculturists with good quality of life, people with safe food for consumption, with their generation of income for the land.


  1. To promote agriculturist units and encourage them to be self-reliant, have good quality of life and stable occupations.
  2. To promote production of agricultural produce and food of increased values that meet national and international market demands and consumer safety standards.
  3. To research and development an infrastructure for agricultural production.
  4. To develop and transfer agricultural technology focusing on effective, sustainable and environmental-friendly use of agricultural resources.

Strategy 1: Improve Farmers’ Standard of Living


  1. Improve farmers’ capacity to be able to rely on themselves and get fair wages and have good quality of lives.
  2. Help farmers who are impacted by natural disasters.
  3. Assist small scale farmers through debt suspended period

Strategy 2: Improve capacity in agricultural production, management of products and food security


  1. Improve efficiency in food production to quality standards and sufficient to meet demand.
  2. Increase value and yields of agricultural products.
  3. Facilitate marketing and transport of agricultural goods, to support regional economic growth.

Strategy 3: Efficient, balanced and sustainable development of agricultural resources


  1. Increase irrigated area by 4.22 million rai
  2. Increase the quantity of fisheries resources and manage them in a balanced and sustainable manner.
  3. Implement land distribution that is fair, with sustainable land development.


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