Strategic Plan of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) 2016-2021

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Changes in global economic, social, and environmental condition including outcome recent UNFCCC are potentially leading to more intensity in Greenhouse Gas reduction target. Public-Private Partnerships are aware of a developmental direction which paradigm needs to be adjusted in order to shift towards low-carbon economy and society on the basis of sustainable development. Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) (Public Organization), as a main institute to promote and support climate change operation of Thailand, requires establishing strategic plan that aligned with the direction of such global trend. By shifting towards key organization that manage greenhouse Gas and drive changes in developmental paradigm, TGO highlights on networking with governmental departments and relevant sectors; in order to push the policy target in national greenhouse Gas reduction throughout the departmental participation supporting to strive for the concrete low-carbon society.

Strategic Issues

  • Strategic issue 1: Supporting all departments in reducing Greenhouse Gas with various mechanisms
  • Strategic issue 2: Development of information system and knowledge management of Greenhouse Gas management



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