Thailand’s Research Strategy on Climate Change Issues 2013 -2016

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Purposes of research strategy were determined as follow. Thailand is able to maintain social welfare in terms of life quality, Food and Energy security, and Nature Capital for sustainable development; moreover, Thailand would be immunized in the aspects of economic, social, and ecological system, and able to cope with climate change impact risks. Thailand has a capability in cooperation internationally in order to solve climate change problems especially for targeting and achieving Greenhouse Gas emission reduction without affecting life quality, food and economic security. Besides, Thailand developmental and competitiveness capability could be extended by seizing the opportunity from Climate Change situation towards low-carbon society within year of B.E.2593.

Strategic success factors are having climate change operational plans for all departments at all levels including short-term, middle-term, and long-term. In addition, Thailand is also adjustable towards ecosystem balance, food production, and sustainable development. All relevant departments are cooperative and sponsored to drive forward concrete outcomes and also align with the master plan. The operational outcomes shall be achieved and level of Greenhous Gas emission shall be voluntarily lessened within year 2050 (B.E.2593).


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