Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency

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To be a knowledge based organization and a center towards sustainable development of alternative energy and energy efficiency.

Mission Statement

To develop, promote, and support sustainable and worthy energy consumption and production in each suitable areas; to develop commercial clean energy technology for exporting and domestic use and to build collaborative network for bringing the country into the knowledge based society with sustainable economic stability and social well beings.

Duties and Responsibilities

            The duties prescribed under the Act on Administrative Organisation of the State Affairs are:  to be responsible for energy efficiency promotion, energy conservation regulation, energy sources provision, alternative development of integrated energy uses, energy technology dissemination in systematic and continuous proceeding to adequately respond the demand from every sector at optimal costs beneficial to the country development and the people better living standard.

The duties prescribed under The Energy Conservation Promotion Act B.E.2535 are:  to be responsible for regulation, supervision, promotion and assistance provision to the designated factories and buildings to comply with laws and regulations for efficient use of energy and savings.

Additional information:

Link to:  Thailand’s Energy Plans: PDP, EEP and AED 2015


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