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Green Industry

The Guideline for Green Industry Promotion and Development

So far our country has faced changes of society, economy, environment and natural disaster. These changes will dramatically affect the economy and our lives in the near future. Furthermore, we will still have to confront the global, regional and national changes which will have the effects on the country development. For example, such changes are economic and financial crisis and the commitment to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Hence, the government has prepared the economic system to be ready to adapt itself to the effects of these changes. Also, the government has created the business opportunities by improving people, increasing knowledge-based, technology, innovation and creativity based on the concept of environmentally-friendly manufacturing industries. Moreover, the government has adopted His Majesty the King’s idea of “Sufficiency Economy” in order to continually develop the country forward sustainability.


The goal of environmentally-friendly production is to cause Thailand become a low-carbon society, create appropriate rules to make the balance between industrial development and environmental sustaining, and promote the “Polluter Pays Principle” and the idea of “Payment for Ecosystem Services” in a concrete way. In addition, the Ministry of Industry as the main department of industry development has strategically planned to support the development of the industry and the sustainable development. The

Ministry of Industry launched the project of “Green Industry” in 2011 so as to encourage the industries in the Country to be more environmentally friendly, and more responsible to the society. This is according to the fact that we need the society to stay happily together with the industry while the sustainable development could be achieved.



This green industry manual will be used as guideline for industry entrepreneurs of all sizes, all types and all areas for the application of the green industry accreditation of the Ministry of Industry. The manual covers definitions, principles, practice-based guidelines for green industry development and procedures for obtaining each level of green industry accreditation of the Ministry of Industry.

The Ministry of Industry, joining forces with all sectors of the Ministry and the partners especially provincial industry offices and the industrial settlements over the country, supports industrial organizations to conduct an environmentally-friendly business and develop themselves to be 5-level green industry as follows:

Level 1

Green Commitment: Commitment demonstrated by policy, goals and action plans to reduce environmental impacts, and effective organizational internal communication.

Level 2

Green Activity: Activities in compliance with policy, goals and plans which have been set to reduce substantially environmental impacts as commitment states.

Level 3

Green System: Systematic environmental management including follow-up, assessment and revision aimed to continuous development as well as receiving a widely recognized award on environment and accreditations on a variety of environments.

Level 4

Green Culture: Cooperation of employee in all level organization to implement friendly environment in all aspects of business operation until it becomes a part of organization culture.

Level 5

Green Network: Demonstration of network extension throughout green demand chains by promotion business partners and allies entering into accredited green industry process.


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