Building Construction in Thailand Climate Mitigation

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Thailand, Ministry of Energy has launched the energy conservation standard for new buildings or nine categories of modified building included hospital, school, office, condominium, building, community building, theater, hotel, mall which defines the area of 2,000 square meter or more to increase energy efficiency and maximize energy conservation plan. (EEP 2015) The Building Energy Code is the compulsory strategies imposed under Energy Conservation Act, 1992.

Building design standards by based on the Building Energy Code consists of six major components as following.

  1. Building frame system would require the total heat transfer of the outside building’s wall and roof wall must not exceed the value as defined by laws.
  2. The level of illumination of lighting system of each working purpose need to be subject to the related laws and requires maximum power does not exceed the value as prescribed.
  3. Air conditioner in each category and size require the minimum performance coefficient, cooling efficiency, and electric power per tons of cooling as prescribed.
  4. Heat generator equipment would require the minimum efficiency as prescribed.
  5. If total power consumption design does not meet the standards article 1, 2, and 3 then determined the overall building energy consumption according to the building’s system design calculation principles and methods.
  6. Renewable energy systems in building needs to promote the use of natural light and electricity from sunlight.

However, the standards are intended to reduce the building’s energy cost and aims to promote the intelligent energy uses in commercial building and factories in country and others practices eg. The uses of Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS), and Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) since the building’s design process that is focused on the global warming mitigation and energy consumption reduction. In sum, the Building Energy Codes are as precautionary measures and perfect combination between art and science in term of energy conservation. Construction in the world1
Adoption of Thailand energy’s measures, Picture Source: ERM-Siam Co., Ltd.



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